Friday, December 28, 2007

The times they aren't a-changin'

From a story about the recently discovered pyramid in the centre of the Federal District of Mexico.

The Aztecs, a warlike and religious people who built monumental works and are credited with inventing chocolate, ruled an empire stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean and encompassing much of modern-day central Mexico.

Warlike and religious? Man that sounds ancient. Thank goodness there aren't any empires like that anymore.


  1. Yeah. But at least THEY invented chocolate!

  2. Chocolate...waterboarding...

    It'll all be remembered about the same.

  3. Pssh, "warlike." Whatever. I'd like to see you incinerate a hundred thousand Japanese civilians with a stone axe.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot they had really accurate calendars, too.

  4. Good post. I 40%-think that Daniel Pinchbeck's book on 2012 should be required reading for intellectuals these days... Mxrk: don't make fun of their calendars... the reason everyone is so deranged in 2007 is that we're working with this bizarre Julian calendar that was purposely created with no reference to nature. After all, our 12.368 moons per year don't really figure with our unnaturally "neat" twelve month calendar... and if you ever wondered about that nagging, internal sense of disquiet that nobody ever mentions in our civilization -- it's because in certain years there are 13 moons, and nobody understands why.

    Seriously, those Aztecs did sacrifice a lot of infidels though. Has anyone seen Apocalypto? Or was that the Mayans? Or Toltecs? Whatever.


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