Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sidebar updates

I have just made some minor changes to the list of links on the right sidebar. I visit most of the links regularly and I was noticing that several of them had not been updated in a long time.

Some of them are not only stale -- they're defunct. Many old friends have chosen to move on. So shall we. I hope you fare well Q-majiner and Truth Spelunker. Keep in touch Buppy.

I moved some links to a different list. Some friends have moved away from Purdue but are still blogging. So they are now in a more general links list.

And I've added a few links. On the Purdue list there are some new links a classmates blogs that I've recently uncovered.

And please note the addition of the Grant Barrett's Double-Tongued Dictionary and Mark Peters' Wordlustitude. Slang deserves our attention too no?

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  1. Hi. I found your site via link on another ling blogger, but I can't recall which ones, which is kinda the point, right? How do we keep track of all these linguistics bloggers? I make a recommendation on my blog, but who knows where it'll go. But thanks for taking the time to double check your blog roll.


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