Monday, December 03, 2007

The meaning of a sentence you can't pin down

A friend recently put up a very simple post suggesting a great movie title. That is -- a movie title that would be great (even if the movie is not).

Bride of Frankenstein's Monster's Ghost!!!

Why is it so great? Well I can't be sure that he loves the ambiguity as much as I do but he did complete his M.A. in linguistics (now working on a PhD in classics) and he's a true student of language--so I'm sure the several readings didn't escape him.

Who is the main character of this movie?

Is it the ghost of the bride (which bride is married to Frankenstein's Monster)?
[Bride of [[Frankenstein]'s Monster]]'s Ghost

Is it the ghost of the Monster (which monster belongs to Frankenstein's Bride)?
[[Bride of [Frankenstein]]'s Monster]'s Ghost

Is it the bride (who is married to the ghost of Frankenstein's Monster)?
Bride of [[[Frankenstein]'s Monster]'s Ghost]

Nice title Dave. I would like to be given the script of the film's writing's consultancy.


  1. I'm glad you appreciated it, Mike. I am still laughing at the analysis of my little joke's ambiguities that you made. Rest assured that when I work out this monstrosity's plot you will be brought in for the "script of the film's writing's consultancy". Then you can tell me what your job is.

  2. Is this a little like the real-world example of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse?

  3. What exactly is a "Chris Steakhouse"?

    But dave--don't you see? I'm only asking for the script.


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