Monday, December 03, 2007

Imus guilty as the next

Yeah yeah it's been eight months and now Don Imus is back on the air. We all knew he would be eventually.

OK. Just because he used a label doesn't immediately mean that he thinks it's an accurate depiction; he probably thought it was just a safe joke. Still--his comment was insensitive. Such cheap derogation is a weak way to entertain. He was a goat for the industry's expiation. And a safe one because CBS doesn't look like a bully canning a rich white man. At least that's what I'm convinced his banishment was.

There's a point where the use of a phrase is the issue--not the opinions or intentions of the speaker. Humor blurs the line between using a term and referring to a term. And so a joke at the wrong time can be viewed as too dangerous a game to play. Those who decry such jokes often don't care that the performer might not actually see things the way the joke says. The problem they say is that the words and opinions are put out there without condemnation.

Then why are so many reports and stories so eager to simply reprint the phrase unnecessarily? We all remember the phrase don't we?

I would put up links to all the stories but what's the point?

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