Sunday, December 16, 2007

A simple Sunday post

The Ridger tagged me a while ago. The rules of this one are pretty simple. I have to respond to seven simple prompts.

  1. Share one random and or weird thing about yourself.
  2. I used to have 3 widow's peaks.

  3. Share a 2nd random and or weird thing about yourself.
  4. I got into linguistics because I like doing impressions and accents.

  5. Share a 3rd random and or weird thing about yourself.
  6. I learned how to do a wolf whistle from reading a book. I had always wanted to know how to do one and I finally learned how in high school when one English class was so boring that I started browsing through the bookcases for random books to read to pass the time. (Class was held in the library.)

  7. Share a 4th random and or weird thing about yourself.
  8. I never drink with my meals.

  9. Share a 5th random and or weird thing about yourself.
  10. In the 4th grade during a football game I go so mad at a classmate that the other kids had to hold me back. I kept fighting to charge at him and an older kid (Melvin I think...) kept saying to me "Stop looking at him. It's just making you madder." He kept blocking my view then turned me around until I calmed down. I felt so stupid afterwards and I haven't lost my temper since. I really don't even get angry anymore. (I'm so proud of myself.)

  11. Share a 6th random and or weird thing about yourself.
  12. I started violin lessons by the Suzuki method when I was 5 years old. I loved it. And I was pretty good. In the 5th grade I got a new teacher. She had me learn "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" and I thought it was such a stupid song that I quit the violin.

  13. Share a 7th random and or weird thing about yourself.
  14. I haven't trimmed the length of my beard in 2 years.

I'll not tag anyone. But if you choose to do a similar post go ahead and leave a comment and give me a link. Or don't. I promise I won't get mad.


  1. Hey! I didn't "learn" violin by the Suzuki method but I did use all of the books to further my learning! I really like that method a lot! It's too bad your second teacher was so dumb!

    Do you think that your early years of violin helped you with guitar?

    I hope all is well on your travels!

    Give Buffy a hug for me! -Denise :)

  2. Why don't you drink with your meals?

  3. gallop: I liked the Suzuki method. It really developed my ear. I sometimes really regret that I gave up the violin. But I think it probably did help me with the guitar. Of course I played the trumpet for several years before I started my guitar training so I'm sure that helped too.

    dave: I think it has something to do with not wanting to dilute my stomach acid while trying to digest. But I'm not really sure if that's it. It's really just a habit I developed years ago. I try to wait about a half hour before drinking anything.

    And other than the occasional carefully chosen celebratory drink I only ever drink water tea or coffee. For the last 2 months it was only water.

    But I broke my streak and had 24 ounces of coffee today (because of the drive). It was a crazy feeling. It had been a while and I should have eased into that much caffeine with some tea before jumping in the deep (and turbulent) end.


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