Monday, July 30, 2007

Poll closes

Aaaaand scene!

I have all the numbers for the post and I'm playing around with visual representations on a map.

I was tempted to leave the poll open a little longer to gather more votes but the slope looked to be stable.

I'll comment on the results presently/directly/soon in a post. There were obvious weaknesses in the format/medium of the question and they're worth discussing. Thanks for your input.

If you have any more commentary on the issue of the Midwest region and its boundaries the comment board is always open.

A special thank you to the fine bloggers at polyglot conspiracy and Mr. Verb and mike's web log for the links to the poll. We bloggers are constantly waving our arms and saying "Look at me! Hey! Look at me!" It's nice when occasionally someone else points at me and says "Look at him."

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