Friday, July 13, 2007

Lincoln and back and bust.

We're back home with only mileage on the car to show for it. No pharmoney for us this summer. But we had a grand time with friends. I took a lot of pictures but not enough of them turned out. Something is wrong with my camera. High contrast edges are distorted and the exposure is off on some faces. Normally (ie with most cameras) I'd say it's because I'm a bad photographer. But my camera is usually good about these things on the automatic setting.

I'll have to analyse these pictures more carefully before I identify the conditioning environment.

I've posted a poll on the sidebar. Please answer honestly.


  1. Man, and here I was imagining you guys on all sorts of good drugs this month...

  2. wow...your poll question is great! Where did you ever come up with that???

    Sorry you didn't make any money...but at least you got away from here! Don't you LOVE that you were welcomed home with AWFUL construction right by your place???


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