Saturday, November 10, 2007

The state of being truly hungry?

Posting on the fly:

about 27 seconds ago the commentator for the Arizona State versus UCLA said of the ASU quarterback: "He's playing with such [vəɻæsɪɾi] today..."

Why did I transcribe it in IPA? Because that's how he pronounced the word that could have been "veracity" -- and that would be an odd claim. He played with truthfulness?

It could also have been "voracity" which would make sense given that he was talking about the players persistence and intensity.

The subtitles (obviously produced 'live') chose the former: veracity.

And why not? It's the more common word. And tho it's an incorrect use (see -- I can say that too) the use is out there:

We don't know who the people are, what motivates them, and why they continue to fight with such veracity. HERE

This type of spam is not uncommon, however, this is the first time we have seen political spam sent at this scale, and with such veracity. qtd HERE

This next one isn't clear. The speaker might be using the word discriminatingly:
The aggressive campaigners against animal dissections put up convincing arguments to the orthodox zoology educators and higher education planners with such veracity that the arguments cannot be ignored. cached HERE

OK it was about 4 minutes ago now.


  1. You sure it wasn't ferocity?

  2. That was an early candidate on the when I heard him and I thought now what word did he mean to say?.

    Mistaking [f] for [v] is reasonable. I would have kept that one in the mix if I wasn't so sure of my ability to distinguish [a] and [æ].

    Should I be so sure? Well I trust my ear enough I guess. If necessary I would get a recording of the commentator (someone named "Todd") and I would analyze his speech to see if there's any evidence that he speaks an /a/-fronting dialect.

    If he does then you might be right that he 'said' "ferocity" but I heard veracity.


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