Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Phenomenon -- do dooo de do do

I just finished watching the finale of NBC's magician edition of Star Search: Phenomenon. I haven't seen any of the previous episodes because I'm not that impressed by big magic acts. I like close-up magic -- the type of good ol' prestidigitation that's impressive even when you know that the cards are palmed, the quarters are held by the knuckles and the cups are switched deliberately. It's impressive because you see the skill on display.

But besides being mostly bored by the big magic acts I would have been annoyed by this show because the whole show was full of announcements like on the next...Phenomenon!; or who will be...the next...Phenomenon? or find out on the series finale of...Phenomenon! or a phenomenon that will blow your mind...on tonight's...Phenomenon!

...and I'm almost absolutely certain that if I had been watching the whole season I would have been singing this for the last month.


  1. A little trivia for you; I'm pretty certain that this was the first sketch/song of the first episode of The Muppet Show.


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