Monday, November 05, 2007

Snow mutation?

Jeopardy! is being coy with it's clues. It sounds like the clue writers have chosen to temper the popular claim of how many dozens or hundreds of Eskimo words there are for snow. Tonight's Tournament of Champions round included the following clue:

"Eskimos have words for different varieties of this. Api is when it's on the ground."

They just can't let go of the implication that the language is remarkable in this regard. But they've managed to be reasonable about how remarkable it is. The claim is exactly what you could say about English words for snow. There's more than one.


  1. and I suppose that "Api" is the only word they have for "snow" that is on the ground? Just like we could never possibly have "sleet" or "slush" or any other form of "snow" on the ground?

  2. My question is why this is a Tournament of Champions answer.


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