Thursday, September 25, 2008


I will mention politics here and I will occasionally evaluate the use of language by politicians. But I don't need to share my opinions about policies and people unless those policies and people are focused on language.

I will discuss political tactics here. But I will hold back on saying which tactics I hope to see succeed.

I've shared enough of my political views on this blog. And I will now stop. But I will share them elsewhere. I have a little retreat in the moors where I will feel free to speak with a lot more judgment and a lot less objectivity.

Some of you know how to get there. Anyone else can ask.

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--Non-political posting will of course continue here. Don't bail on me.


  1. Objecti-who? Is that even a word, or did you make it up? I'm checking my Universal Unabridged for that one.

  2. this is a rhet/comp free zone. take it outside.

  3. Well, the good news is that politics provides endless fodder for linguistic attention. When it's not too depressing to listen to, I mean.


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