Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another type of Engrish

I've been waiting a long time to find something like this. Finally here's an example of someone performing the sound of English as he (a non-speaker I assume) hears it.

(via languagehat)

A lot of [ɹ]s and [l]s in there. And a few aspirated voiceless stops. I'm surprised to hear so many [o]s in what sound like 'word' final positions. And there's less of an off glide on some of them than I'd expect. The diphthongs stick out.

Around 10 seconds in I'd say he catches a pretty important English pattern. The segment that sounds something like 'getterow' [gɛɾəɹoʊ]. (I can't tell exactly what the coda is. It could also be [l] or just nasalization.) But that flap after a stressed syllable and the schwa as a neutralized vowel in the unstressed syllable is pretty good.

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