Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Safer than lawn darts

Quick question.

What do you call the game played by throwing little bags at a board like the one pictured here?

I've heard the following:

bean bags
tailgate toss

One friend responded saying I'm going to say bag-in-the-hole because it's filthy.

Not all answers need be so judgmental. And if you're able to supply any regional information that'd be great too. A friend introduced me to the game in North Dakota where all I heard was bean bags.


  1. I guess I never saw this variation until I moved to Indiana, so "cornhole" is all I know from.

    I just refer to it as, "Hey, look what those white people are doing," but I can see how that's probably not going to make it onto UrbanDictionary.

  2. Reading once on the ACA website and subsequent links to articles in the Cincinnati paper, East Cinci denizens call it cornhole, while the rest are a bit more subdued in their nomenclature. An important distinction might also be the contents of said bags. I've always used beans (pinto, Great Northern), but aforementioned Cinci folk use field corn in their duck canvas bags that emits a corn starch that helps the bags slide.

  3. When we first built our set back in Lafayette, I refused to call it cornhole because it sounded gross and, like Daniel, we used beans instead of corn. But then we moved to Cincinnati, and it's true, almost everyone here plays it, and everyone I've talked to calls it cornhole. So I've come around to calling it cornhole.

  4. In Texas I only heard it called beanbags. And we never assumed that the beanbags actually had beans inside--it could have been little foam pellets for all we cared. Since I've moved here I've only heard it called cornhole, and I was told it was because of the use of corn in the bags in the "traditional" local way of playing.

  5. I thought to myself, "Oh, bean bag toss!" as soon as I saw this little contraption.

  6. Here in central Ohio, too, it's called cornhole. I remember a newspaper article about the game a couple of years ago, talking about how it's really taken off recently. I also use the term beanbags, but my impression is that cornhole is a particular kind of beanbag toss, with the inclined plane seen here, with a single hole near the top, and typically played with bags that are filled with corn, not beans.


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