Friday, March 07, 2008

Link it forward

The Ridger has very kindly nominated this blog for an 'E' rating.

I am asked to accept with this honour the simple task of nominating at least 10 other blogs for the rating. (This is the type of nomination that in itself confers the honor. There's no final vote to grant the award. We're all winners.)

I would really have trouble nominating that many blogs. Not because I can't think of that many good blogs -- I can of course; just look at my sidebar -- but because the more blogs I nominate, the more reasons I need not to keep nominating. So I'll ask your kind permission (whoever you are) to nominate fewer than the ten.

MXRK (A good blog. A troubled man.)
Insignificant Wranglings (This guy actually believes most of what he says)
Literal-Minded (Nominated already--but his posts on syntax are some of my favourites.)
separated by a common language (A simple and clear concept is best. She plumbs the Atlantic chasm scrupulously.)


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  1. Hey, my only trouble is your stupid face. Also, thanks.


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