Saturday, June 02, 2007

The sunn wil comme out...

I always thought Dan Quayle was unfairly ridiculed for his potato moment. First of all how many people have ever misspelled an easy word? Everyone I know. Consider also that the plural of potato does have an 'e' which could lead to some confusion when the poor guy was given a card on which someone else had spelled the singular potatoe.

And so I will downplay the importance of the following picture as well.

First of all Hillary Clinton did not create the banner. Second that's a common misspelling. (It took me a couple passes to understand what the joke was.) Third it's still pretty funny.


  1. Maybe the issue isn't spelling the word tomorrow but that the conference was actually to reveal new jobs for Tom Morrow.

  2. I think they need you for press secretary Daniel. You're a rare combination of copy editor and spin doctor.


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