Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've got the Mrs Wagner's Pies

Looks like an impressive trip don't it? From Indiana up to Minnesota down to Nebraska then back. We're hoping that the little stint in Nebraska will pay off and cover our gas expenses. In return we'll be giving some pharmaceutical company a new list of possible side effects to put on their product.

IPA symbol for the day: $ -- What sound does it represent? Cha-ching

I expect to have internet access.


  1. I recommend stopping in Iowa City for lunch on your way back. It's a lovely town.

  2. Best of luck getting some pharm work. Maybe the needle in the haystack will have some opiates in it. I wouldn't mind being paid for that...

  3. So was $ part of the music score for Pink Floyd's Money?

  4. Oooo have fun on the very long drive...

    Do you have any suggestions for a good book or website where I can study up on IPA symbols, their descriptions, and comparisons to the traditional Spanish phonetics symbols??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  5. We screen tomorrow (Tuesday) and find out on Thursday about the $.

    Denise: Actually Wikepedia is pretty good as far as IPA symbols go. And there's a nice feature: Just click on any symbol and you'll go a page devoted to that symbol/phone with discussion of its occurrence in various languages.

  6. It really hurts now that I see Arkansas, directly beneath Missouri, on the map. But like I said, my mind clung to the Missouri suggestion when I turned to you for assistance, not the miserable Missouri offering.


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