Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rearranging links [updated (thrice)]

In just the last week I've learned of four more blogs being written by the friendly folk of Heavilon Hall. Casey restarted his posting and now Jon, Dave, and Anna have plugged into the current. I've reorganized my links to provide a sanctuary of all blogs Purdue. The foci vary as all well-nourished academic discourses should.

Buffy (PhD Comparative and Renaissance Literature) likes to make fun of herself as an academic (and no-one deserves the ridicule less).

Casey (PhD American Literature) tries to focus on existential truths while lamenting that they have no easily discernible edges that assure us of their place.

Brian (MFA Poetry) looks at poetry and art while making fun of Casey and dreaming of Wallace Stevens.

Marc (PhD Rhetoric and Composition) focuses on technology and rhetoric (or is that rhetoric and technology? Which one "works" better Marc?).

Anna (MFA Poetry) has just started blogging and she promises to write about more than celebrities (should she have to?).

Dave (MFA Poetry) paints the life of a poet who does much more than just talk about and write poetry.

Jon (MFA Fiction) proves that he loves reading contemporary fiction and is able to contribute. Read him to keep up with what's out there now.

Sycamore Review is Purdue's literary journal.

Mark (PhD American Literature? nee MFA Fiction) has his blog set up and will start posting soon. I'm only assuming he'll make it interesting. He can be a jerk.

My name is Michael.

Two more blogs to add to the list.
Monica (PhD Jewish Literature and Philosophy) tackles and considers the philosophies and words and people and actions that seek everything spanning the power and grace between Good and Evil. (look for her contributions over at Jewcy too.)

Rebekah (MFA Poetry) gathers all sorts of materials and constructs all sorts of things. She kindly provides lots of pictures (when you're talking about a poet "images" can mean too many things) to document her work.

We're like a flock of Hitchockian birds. We just keep comin' atcha.

Monica (MA Comparative Literature) provides an alternative to Garp's world view. West Lafayette will soon be in her rearview mirror.

Dave (MA English Language and Linguistics) and his fellow contributors offer stories and theories on grilling fuel, audiology experiments, graduate school, movie wizards, political conservatism and marathon walks. And sometimes they branch out.

Eric (MFA Poetry) is using a new blog to take us along as he uses Markov chains to create poetry. His old blog is still going along, becoming a "more of a personal type blog."

Theresa/Tess (MFA Poetry) provides her own introduction. Of one blog she says "[it] is extremely poetry-ish (I post a fabulous, my-choice-but-not-my-work poem a day on it, plus extras)." She picks good poems so go read them. Of the other she says "[it] will only interest you if you happen to know and like me." Hers are young blogs. Give them some nurturing attention.
Everytime I think I'm out...
Chad (MFA Poetry) plans to post a new poem regularly and he invites all "to read along."


  1. What a handy little post. We need to start trading cards or something.

  2. I wish you would've included yourself on this list, just so we could see the blurb:

    Michael's Wishydig borders on inpenetrably complex, but he more than compensates with his gently authoritative style and earthy tones and textures. And he may or may not be imperceptibly converting all of us to some as-yet-un-manifested spoooky religion having something to do with Word. And I don't mean Microsoft.

  3. P.S. -- I just caught a wicked case of deju-vu when I clicked "publish" after typing that comment, which means... something.

  4. Cool, man. I just linked up to Wishydig over at my blog.

  5. I'll go with a "both...and" rather than an "either...or." Nice to see that Casey's back on the scene.

    Now I feel pressure to post something.

  6. Thanks for the link, jerk.

  7. Now I feel more pressure to create a links section for my blog.

    I guess I see where my afternoon is heading.

    I also like the library thing thumbnail display--I use a text import, but I might switch it after checking out your sidebar (seeexxxxyyyy)

  8. I'm this close to deleting your comment Casey out of fear that someone will feel it necessary to write a scoffing "yeah right" comment that would shatter me. But thanks. It's kind.

    Thanks to all other for the links as well -- Anna Jon Monica Mxrk Marc...We could really start something here.

    Hey Mark -- when are your posts going to begin. I brought your links to life already. Let's get you going.


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