Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dutch treat

If you're getting bored with all the US's Words of the Yearses, just take a gander at the skanky Nether regions of Dutchland where swaffelen won 57% of an online vote.*

What does it mean? The press release explains that it means 'to swing one's penis, making it bump against something, in order to stimulate either oneself or someone else.' Regarding the word's trajectory: The word gained notoriety through a video posted on YouTube, in which a Dutch student got arrested for "swaffling" against the Taj Mahal in India.


Grant Barrett has included swaffle over at his Double-Tongued Dictionary. You can also find it at the Urban Dictionary where the entry for swaffelen adds a note on the uh … history:

And then in the early middle ages, the noble art of swaffeling was lost. Many feared that the swaffel phenomenon had been taken away forever from mankind, however, on a booze-holiday in Blanes a group of youngsters rediscovered swaffeling, and even perfected it!

Practice, man. Practice.

[Update: If you missed my attempt at humor in this opening sentence you may have been misled by the lame joke. Be sure to read loveoranges' helpful comment.]


  1. I'm sorry but it's not completly right. Dutchland doesn't exist. It Deutschland and they speak German there. You mean the countries where they speak Dutch. These are the northen part of Belgium, Flanders (where I come from, so sorry for my crappy English) and the Netherlands. We use the same dictionary, de van Dale, (obvious, because it's the same language), they did an online vote for the new words who have to come in the dictionary. Swaffelen has won the vote, but wiiën was also very populair.
    In Belgium they speak 3 languages, so it's very difficult for foreigners to understand a thing about Belgium... But this is the correction...
    I'm sorry for my comment, but I had to laugh loud for this article... Yeah I'm a wiseacre (lolz).
    But I like your site and go on like that!

  2. Ow yeah I forgot to mention it but Dutch is, just like German, English, some Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese) and Afrikaans a Germanic language. So it has the same root as English.

  3. Now I really don't get it.

  4. see... i know that there's no such place as dutchland. but if you don't know that i'm making a joke you might believe that there really is.

    man. lately i'm feeling like i have broca's aphasia specifically when trying to be funny. i can hear the humor but can't produce it.

  5. Swedish has ollning, the practice of touching one's glans to some object that normally would likely never receive such contact. On ollning.com you can see guys rubbing their little bits against buildings, limousines, cruise liners, et cetera just to be able to say that they did.

  6. that is perhaps the funniest comment i've gotten


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