Friday, December 12, 2008


Said in 215 today:

'I never need to use the term kairos in a discussion. It doesn't make my argument any better. All it does is help my ethos.'

I need about 3 weeks away from Purdue.


  1. from another speaker: "i've never used kairos in a sentence and i never will."

  2. Spring's First Conviction

    inspired by an essay by Stephen Vicchio

    Dead winter's gone, that lately held us tight
    In its cold grasp of kronos, time in chains,
    And spring's returned, the air, the green, the light,
    And washed us clean of Time with newmade rains.
    No more those games where clocks click off the night
    And measure out each step of loss and gains--
    Where ticking time is ally and despite,
    Where time runs out and emptiness remains.
    For kairos now is king, and we are rapt
    Within the changing patterns of the game
    Where time's eternal, measured not nor mapped--
    The rhythm of the universe we claim:
    Eternally unchanged, yet never trapped:
    Like life itself, ah!, never twice the same.

  3. Said by a former occupant of 215:

    "I don't even know what that word means, or how to pronounce it, or how to use it in a sentence, or why I would use it in a sentence... and I'm still standin'."

  4. Ethos? What is that, some kind of Greek god? What is he going to do, strike me down with his hammer or something?


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