Sunday, April 19, 2009

We didn't start the flame war

To connect this to linguistics… um… apparently the writer pronounces <pwn> like 'pone' instead of just like 'own' or 'poon'. I've seen all of them suggested and more.

from the Bambooweb entry

There is no uniform way to pronounce "pwn" as it is most often encountered in text. Possible pronunciations include:

  • (pōn) (rhymes with "moan")
  • (pān) (as "pawn" in chess)
  • (pwǐn) (as "pwin")
  • (pōōn) (rhymes with "soon") This comes from pronouncing the "w" as in Welsh.
  • (pwôn) (rhymes with "on")
  • (pwēn) (rhymes with "queen")
  • (prān) (as prawn)
  • (pēwǐn) (as "pea win")
  • just as "own", ignoring the typo

  • Some of those make little sense to me.


    1. "Little" sense? Some of them make no sense to me.

    2. As an internet gamer, in on the ground floor, I most often hear "pwn" as "own"-"I pOned him"

      Most of those seem possible, except the "prawn."

    3. Ever read Mark Twain's little ditty, "Corn-Pone Opinions?" That phrase has been bouncing in my head since 1998. Maybe this is the exorcism for which (ahem) I've been waiting.

      Have at it.


    Thanks for reaching out.

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