Thursday, July 10, 2008

Manitas de plomo

I'll get back to some more regular posting now. The wedding was lovely and my music didn't ruin it. There was one point there where Gabriel Fauré's Pavane stumbled but not enough for me to give up the guitar completely for 3 years like the last time a performance derailed.

As I predicted I only got through 22 bars of the prelude for the processional. I didn't get any recording of the music but to prove that I've been playing a good amount here are some images of my sacrifice. And I'm versatile. The first is Gary Moore on a surprisingly nice '78 strat. The other is James Taylor on a typical Takamine.


  1. Could be worse ... could be lead belly. :-)

    I trust that the wedding music did not include Gary Moore's "Still Got the Blues"? That'd be a downer, man.

  2. How'd you get a picture of James Taylor's fingers?


  3. nice mike. you called a gary moore song and made a leadbelly reference.

    but really isn't 'still got the blues' a better piece to play than 'the messiah will come again'? even for a wedding?

    casey: i'm very clever.


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