Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maybe I need an editor

Every once in a while I check my subscriptions and inbound links to see who's paying attention.

This morning I noticed that my subscriptions through FeedBurner were cut in half. That doesn't happen a lot. I looked at the pie chart and saw that no Google™ subscriptions were listed. Those usually make up about half. Odd. It's some sort of Google™ feed block.

That's better than my first thought: that my readers were growing weary from my tiresome tangents. My wandering paths. My fuzzy focus.

Because some critics are less than impressed. I recently saw a note on a bookmark.

Eeeeehhhhhh, an okay blog full of lofty and seemingly cumbersome discourse, but it links to several interesting language-related blogs.

I feel so used. You only want me for my network.


  1. It's not even like that, baby. I mean, I come for the links, but I stay for the lofty discourse. Definitely.

  2. Buffy Turner11 May, 2008 23:34

    I definitely come so I can enjoy your apparent cumbersomeness that ends up being clear and accessible. How do you do that?


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