Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Google's grasp grows

One of Buffy's favorite comedy bits is David Letterman's Great Moments in Presidential Speeches. After a particularly funny one tonight she remarked that she wished we had recorded it.

"Wouldn't that be great to have them on tape?" she opined/asked.

Without thinking about a website mismatch I responded: "You could just go on YouTube and google all of them."

I know Google bought YouTube but I'm still quite sure I said it without a capital 'G' or the trade mark symbol (™).

[BTW Update:
Yeah yeah I know that this use of google as a verb is common. It was just because I used it expressly in connection with another website that it flicked my attention.


  1. What's the latest stock index on Google?--is it too late? And which of the four horses is this, do you think?

    And what kind of weird grammatical construction was that?

  2. As I told Casey the other day, my greatest regret in life was not buying Google stock five years ago when I first started using this new-fangled interweb thing.

    My grandfather had one core invest in strategy: buy things that people either can't live without or think they can't live without. Oil. Drugs. Big hurricane coming? Buy Home Depot. As soon as I started using the internet, I knew Google was one of those stocks. At the time, it was about 50$ a share.

    Casey--Google closed today at 522.65 a share.

    Oh, tell Buffy that Lettermen's Presidential Speech bits are also my favorite part of the show.


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