Monday, January 29, 2007

I still haven't seen Gilroy

I like to look through my stats every once in a while (read: 6 times a day) to see who has been coming to my page. I use StatCounter to tally the visitors. It's a good meter. One of my favorite features is the Recent Visitor Map. But what I follow most are the keyword statistics. The counter provides a link to the pages that refered people to your page. When the visitor comes from a search engine the search terms are reported.

The search terms that have led the most visitors to my page have been related to banshees and the pronunciation of babel. There was a short time when pluto/ed and Word of the Year brought in a gaggle of Googlers. Burr in reference to winter and cold has been a steady term for a few months now.

Some searches are amusing. A few days ago someone came to my page asking "what's a good dare for a gf?" Use your imagination buddy. You'll come up with something. I have considered posting a little text box in the sidebar giving the most amusing search term of the week.

Today's find is not a search term but a page. Apparently there's a Pig Latin Google out there. Click here to take a look.

I notice on the search button that somebody named Peter probably designed the theme. I also notice that Google is never converted into Pig Latin. There are probably two reason for this.

1) The integrity of the trademark must be preserved. This is the prime directive.
2) Something about Ooglegay might not be quite right for mainstream marketing.


  1. what if someone just has your page bookmarked? What does it show then? I don't check everyday, but I do check often! I can't believe I haven't seen you at all this semester, I hope things are going well for you!

  2. It usually says there's no referring link.

    Yes I've been holed up in Heavilon this semester. No classes in Stanley Coulter. The semeseter is going very nicely for me. I'm focusing on my interests and getting ready for next year's prelim press.

    I hope you're faring well over on the other side of the clock tower.

  3. Heavilon sounds like it belongs in a Maureen O'Hara Sings Her Favorite-Irish song, and Coulter, is that on the right side of campus?

  4. A while ago I wrote about the Australian government's plan to introduce mandatory English language tests for immigrants. A couple of days later I found that someone had visited that post by searching for "why can't canadian immigrants speak english".
    Are your Francophonic, Northern neighbours that much of a problem?

  5. There are generous readings of your visitor's question and more likely readings. It's not the Francophones who are the problem. It's usually the inflexibly xenophonaphobic and ignorant pedants who think any alternation from their custom is incorrect.


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