Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yes we can!

Wishydig has been nominated for Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Blogs list for 2009. Last year I was ranked #73.

That was a pure judgment ranking. But this year, votes are half the formula. Sure, that means that popular blogs have a huge advantage. So a strong showing from my 7 readers will probably only help me in some theoretical way. But all it takes for evil to triumph is... no that's another plea.

Some things to keep in mind:

Yes, posting has been slow lately. I've been away from the megaphone, but the mouth will rise again!
Voting begins this Wednesday, July 8 and will close the July 27.
I'm in the Language Learning category. I don't know if that matters.
It's an honor to be nominated.
It'd be a much much greater honor to do well in the rankings.
Rather than ranking the quality of the blog, if they ranked by the fragility of the ego, I'd win in a landslide.

No pressure.


  1. You definitely deserve it. But I'm pretty busy between the 8th and the 27th... we'll see.

  2. If they ranked by number of toenail polish shades, you'd come in right after Language Log (more writers=more toes).

  3. Do you ever just sit back and ask yourself, "What's the point of it all?" Is Language Log's Top 100 the point?

  4. i constantly ask myself that. and if the top 100 is the point, well, that wouldn't be pointy enough for me.


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