Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's not bragging when you're #73

I've been noticing a few visits from a page at Lexiophiles listing the Top 100 Language Blogs. The list is basically the top half of their full list of 250 blogs.

Such a long list can be suspicious. It can look like a link mine. But here I think they've done more careful consideration than a simple wholesale pulling of sidebar html links. Here's a page explaining the list and criteria.

Contributing blogger Christopher writes: We identified three main categories: content, consistency and interactivity. We know that no ranking is 100% accurate and always somewhat subjective. Still, we feel that these three categories give a good overall view of how good a blog really is. Sounds reasonable. And you can also vote if you wish.

I haven't done a very thorough reading of the other posts on the site. It looks like there have been regular posts over the last few weeks and the content is in several languages from several writers. A multilingual contributor language blog. I kinda like that already.

It's a young blog and the list is likely a lure to get some attention, to get mentions by the listed blogs and to earn several incoming links. Well they've been getting all that. And even if the list has a somewhat solicitous intention I won't fault them for enterprise. It works. And it's not shoddy work. Though I don't agree with all the ordering (I'm especially distraught to be listed above certain blogs) and there are several bad gaps -- missing blogs -- it's a good list to visit for the purpose of populating a feed reader or a list of your own.

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