Sunday, April 27, 2008

How odd?

Am I missing something here? I have an "Odd News" headline module on my Yahoo! page that keeps me up to date on stories about dogs dialing 911 and cars crashing through living rooms and bank robbers stupid enough to show their ID before making a withdrawal.

Most of today's headlines were pretty much the usual weird news from the AP. But...

I don't get it. Is the Obama story really that strange? Following the link to the story we get the same headline and the following lead:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Sunday brushed aside a challenge from Hillary Rodham Clinton to debate before the May 6 primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

The story by Hope Yen mentions Clinton's suggestion of a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. That's maybe a little odd. Kinda.

But follow the link to the Odd News front page and the offered story changes. It's still by Hope Yen but it's a significantly different story that focuses on race. The lead:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Sunday that race is not the reason he is struggling to attract working-class votes and insisted he can win over uncommitted superdelegates by showing he is best able to not just defeat John McCain, but also lead the country.

And the other four headlines stand as promised.

What's happening to our standards for weirdness?

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  1. Plus, two "hole-in-ones" (as I prefer to call them) in one round? That's just "odd?" I'd say more like, "the most important miracle since Mohammed's night flight (or whatever)...


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