Saturday, February 02, 2008

Surprising connections

I wrote a post about Buffy's grandmother's interesting phrases. I searched for one phrase ("ready for the fox farm") and found only three Google™ hits. One of those hits was in a book by Margo Howard presenting a collection of letters from her mother Ann Landers.

In a comment Jan Freeman not only directed me to some information about fox farm in DARE but she also indicated that she had contacted Howard and asked her about the term. Howard contacted me and told me that she enjoyed the post and in a quick volley of emails she shared a few more quick and fun details about her mother and her appreciation for Hubert Humphrey and his sense of humour.

What a pleasing network these interwebs can be. If I had known that a few people are actually reading I would have edited a little more carefully.

To those of you who read stop by occasionally -- my thanks. To those of you who share the site with others -- my thanks. To those of you who get in touch -- my thanks.

By the way: Jan Freeman is the fine thinker who coined the term peevologist which I have used several times on this site and in classes I teach. I believe the term captures very effectively the agenda of those people who are intolerant of real language but think it's because they love it -- my thanks.

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