Thursday, August 02, 2007

Intellectual naked dreams

Calling all linguists. The news has been going around for a while and I just saw it mentioned by Mr. Verb that the glottopedia project is ready and willing to host your expertise. I'm excited about this as both a consumer and a possible contributor.

Right now I'm mostly interested as a consumer. It's a nice list of topics and terms that can keep me in line regarding my studies. I'll probably use it to make sure I can hold a conversation about every heading on the page. It's a good list of terms even before any entries are put up. And watching the entries develop is a good way to keep questioning all claims and holding every fact to a standard of evidence and arguability. Arguablness? Arguabilation? Adequatitude?

As a possible contributor my goal would be to achieve the next level of familiarity and competence at which I would feel comfortable making judgments about a comprehensive and representative discussion on each topic; then subjecting those judgments for the approval of the experts.

The internets have added a wonderful level of accountability to all arguments. Even a squeaky-voiced railer like me can't get away with false witness and specious logic.


  1. This thing is seriously awesome--I wish literature people could get their sh*t together long enough to organize a project like this.

    Also, my response to your comments about the Dolly is the first piece of writing I've ever been wholly satisfied with.

  2. I'd love to hear more about what you think of this website since I'm assuming you've explored it a ton already!


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