Friday, March 30, 2007

Changing names

The name of this blog will change this weekend. I will surrender In a Word... and adopt a name that echoes the URL: Wishydig.

Wishydig is an Old English compound word meaning "wise thinking." The first word in the compound, wis is clear. The second word, hydig is a variant form of hygdig, (adjective form of hygd, mind, thought) meaning heedful, careful, prudent. The arrogance is just obvious enough for me to hope it doesn't come across as a serious and heavy handed boast. Let's just say that I don't think of the sobriquet as an epithet. It's just wishful thinking. Wishy-ful? Heh? Heh?


  1. I just changed mine yesterday, so you might have to change the link in your blogroll to "matjjin-nehen (nee The Bloviator (nee Hosstuff))".
    I hope your change goes smoothly.

  2. Thanks Jaŋari. I'll update the list immediately.

    I'd been thinking of changing names for a while. Your recent move inspired me to turn my resolution to action.


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