Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Linkin' Nebraska

I had better come up with a new post to supplant the lame title of this entry.

But I am going to provide some links and some of them are to friends in/from Lincoln, NE, so it's not a gratuitous line. Here in no intentionally meaningful order:

Buffy's Log: Buppy's Log
My wife is intelligent funny observant eloquent and prolific. This web log is the proof (or evidence). These essays are carefully written and assiduously edited. She is never convinced that her writing is good enough and for all that she is blessed with writing that is fascinating early in the process and sparkles ever more as she polishes it. My favorite line from her essays: "pish and other poods."

Buffy's Myspace page:
She is now addicted. Just a little while ago she had about 6 friends on here. Her competitive side will make sure her space is the hub of all others.

Daniel's Log: Herman's Honeytown
My friend Daniel lives in Lincoln and has been contributing to his log for nigh on a year. His thoughts are illuminating and his language is clear. It makes his writing fun to read. He is one of the least arrogant people I know who can come across as one of the most if you don't realize how genuine he is being. He's hard to describe - as are all good students of life.

Casey's Log: A Voyage Thither . . .
I share an office with this gentleman and everytime he asks a question I wish I could answer it: though I rarely can. His web log is full of insight and curiosity. I recommend it. How can you not appreciate someone who enjoys a civil disagreement so graciously.

Seth Ellis' Homepage: Wallygoots.com
I met Mr Ellis several years ago in North Dakota: a quick meeting which i'm sure he's forgotten. In subsequent conversations with friends I learned more of his relevance to folk music and lutherie. His pictures and comments make me want to build guitars. And his use of the word enantiodromia led me on a tangential search that revealed some fascinating writings with ideas that I want to investigate even further - just to see if they even make sense.

James Reeder's Homepage: slowconfetti.com
This sight has been in my links list for a while now. In case you've been wondering - James is my cousin who has been working with photography since we were young fellows. And since then his snapshot skill has become a visual virtuosity.


  1. Thanks for the link, pal... you and Buffy are both geniii (such a better plural than geniuses). I'm going to add links for both of you back at my humble blog. This year's project in Heav. 215: teaching Casey to write more like Michael.

  2. Ha! You're the post prelim one with a prospectus done and a syllabus well on it's way.

    I seriously doubt any of my writing could get past a committee.

  3. Syllabus? What the hell? I meant dissertation. Idiot here.


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